Ballylahen Shrine

The Shrine at Ballylahan is a well-known landmark in Straide, welcoming people and smiling down on us all. It is adorned with beautiful flowers all year round.

The Shrine was originally erected by Paddy Walsh (RIP), Carracastle, Straide in 1963 in honour of Our Lady of Fatima. It was cared for by a number of people over the past 56 years. After over 50 years of graceful reverence the Shrine at Ballylahan was beginning to feel its age. It started to show the effects of the passing years with cracks appearing in the walls of the shrine and added to this the statue began to flake.

In 2018 a group of locals decided it was time to restore Our Lady to ensure she welcomed people to Straide for many more years to come. A new Marian Shrine was designed and built by Martin Carney, Frenchpark and gifted to the people of Straide and surrounding areas. The statue of Our Lady was restored voluntarily by Maureen Lavin, Foxford, a very talented artist. Season Master Straide crafted a fine door for the shrine and gifted it also. Patrick McDonnell, JP Gibbons, Michael and Eddie Maloney, Martin McDonnell, Pat Reid and the Maloney Family were all involved throughout the project.