Community Hall refurbishment

Straide Davitt Community Hall Refurbishment Project:

One of the top priorities to come out of our Community consultation process (Community Futures), was the pressing need and desire for a viable Community Hall with increased activities available.  SCDG focussed on making this a reality and following lengthy and complex negotiations, reached an agreement to lease the building from the Michael Davitt Museum on behalf of the Community.

We are now reaching a conclusion to two years hard work and the newly refurbished Straide Davitt Community Hall will open its doors at the end of July 2019.  A €220,000 project funded through LEADER funding and with the assistance of South West Mayo Development Company and tremendous Community support.

Amongst many smaller, well supported fundraisers, two of our hugely successful local Community Fundraising initiatives included:

Straide Hall Donor Wall: A wonderfully received fundraiser with over 210 families adding their names to our Donor wall which will hang in Pride of Place in our newly refurbished Hall entrance.

Monster Raffle for Holiday to Portugal: This fundraiser is currently running and the response has been fantastic.  All prizes, including the beautiful Portugese Villa were donated by local Community members.

We have achieved many fantastic events and opportunities in the original Community Hall, despite the state of the building and its many drawbacks.  Today, we are excited to move on to the next chapter.  What can we achieve in a building that is now fit for purpose, warm, inviting and accessible to all abilities…. The sky is the limit. 

In the last number of years, we were used to having to travel for many of our Clubs and activities.  We now envisage, given such a lovely Community space available, it paves the way for many Clubs, Groups, workshops and events to now take place in our own local Community setting.  This is undoubtedly a very positive step, we look forward to providing additional events for the elderly on their doorstep, we can now look at opportunities for Parent/Toddlers and pre-school children, we can tackle some of the reasons for rural isolation head on.  We can at last deliver on our VisionStraide Community Development Group, guided by the Community’s 5 Year Action Plan, actively works to create a viable, warm, inviting Hall, accessible to all, with a variety of social activities, events, meeting areas and sports activities for all age groups and interest groups.