Copper Beech

The Copper Beech is one of two pubs in Straide. Located beside the Davitt Museum and the Church, it is bang in the middle of the community. Originally opened in the late 1800’s by the Hynes family, it is part of the furniture around Straide. Purchased by Ollie and Rose Flannery in the 1970’s, it was renamed by Brian Gaughen when he purchased it off the former in 2000. The new name, the Copper Beech, was to represent the Copper Beech trees that surround the scenic village.

The pub’s current owner is Brendan Maloney. A Tuam native, Brendan had a background in bars and restaurants in his home town, before purchasing the Copper Beech in 2005. In those 14 years, over 90 staff has passed through the pub, mainly local school leavers and college students, providing vital employment. Also in that time, the business has sponsored numerous community led initiatives and sports teams, included Bohola Moy Davitts GAA and Straide and Foxford United.  

According to the Galway man, the community welcomed him with open arms.

“I would have left the pub scene in Galway in 2001 but I wanted to get back into it. When I visited Straide to view the pub, I fell in love with the area. The community was nothing but friendly to me. They have given me great support over the years and I greatly appreciate it.”

Brendan Maloney has also gotten involved in the community over the last number of years, sitting on a number of committees including the Davitt Museum and the Rural Social Scheme.