Friday Night Soccer Club

Back in October 2007 some parents rented the hall to burn off some energy for 1st to 6th class children in the Straide area. Since then, every Friday during school term is Friday Night Soccer night, which is an important event in the children’s diary. Friday Night Soccer allows the children to interact and have fun outside home and school and it also marks the end of another week of school.

The anticipation and build up to the start of Friday night Soccer is great to experience, especially for the parents and families of those children graduating onto 1st class. Each child gets a participation trophy at the end of the season and a couple of years ago they were presented to them by our Minister for Sport, Mr. Michael Ring.

To supervise those kids on a Friday evening is fun and entertaining. It’s a privilege to help with Friday night Soccer and witness the way the kids if Straide seen to have a special bond of friendship between each other. To see the fun and interaction between the older classes and the younger ones is quite unique and this appears to nurture into them looking out for each other in secondary school and beyond.