Straide Community Games

Straide Community Games was established in the early 1980s as a truly community event whereby children could compete in races and even represent their county at the National competition. Originally the races were held as a Community Fun Day and this would qualify the children to compete in the County final. However, as the date for the County and National events got earlier in the year and the weather got worse! The Fun Day was  separated to a standalone event and the Community Games runs separate races early in the summer.

Over the years Straide Community Games has evolved and children can now compete in art and craft competitions as well as talent competitions.

Many young Straide people have won County medals and have gone on to win a National medal on behalf of Straide Community and Mayo. Indeed, this year, Cian Fahy will be presenting Mayo in the National Poc Fada competition. We are truly proud of all that our youth have achieved in Straide Community Games over the years.